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Welcome to the Info-Website for the Europlate Convention over Easter 2016 from Friday 25th - Sunday 27th March 2016.

                                                                                     COUNTDOWN to Easter Saturday 8 a.m.


Friday, 25th of March 2016:

Informal Meeting from 5 p.m.: Hotel Buchserhof, Grünaustrasse 2, CH - 9470 Buchs SG (2,8 km from the convention hall).

Saturday, 26th of  March 2016:
Convention at Saal am Lindaplatz (SAL), Lindaplatz, FL - 9494 Schaan
open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The Convention dinner will be held at 7 p.m. in
Hotel Buchserhof, Grünaustrasse 2, CH - 9470 Buchs SG (2,8 km from the convention hall).

Sunday, 27th of March 2016: (change to daylight saving time)
Meeting at Liechtenstein Centre (Tourismus-Centre), Städtle 39, 9490 FL - Vaduz
for a 
guided sightseeing-tour on foot from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Please use the Parking MARKTPLATZ in  the centre of Vaduz, FREE  of charge on Sunday.

Afterwards we will go for lunch to Restaurant Engel,Städtle 13,Vaduz.

CHF 30 each table at Convention Hall
CHF 50 per person for official dinner at Saturday evening
CHF 10 per person for sightseeing tour at Sunday (if at least 20 participants)

Please fill out the registration sheet: Registration Form

Each member must book his/her own hotel room.
The following hotels have offered us a discount price if EUROPLATE is mentioned: (price single / double room)

- Hotel Buchserhof, Grünaustrasse 2, CH - 9470 Buchs SG (60 rooms): / Email:; Price CHF 95.00 / 138.00
   Distance to convention hall: 2,8 km.

- Hotel Taucher, St. Gallerstrasse 29, CH-9470 Buchs SG (14 rooms):  Email:
   Price CHF 80.00 / 125.00 (price valid from 2 nights on)
   Distance to convention hall: 4 km.

 - Hotel Schaanerhof, In der Ballota 3, FL - 9494 Schaan (28 rooms available): / Email:; Price CHF 90.00 / 130.00
   Distance to convention hall: 0,6 km.

- Landhaus am Giessen, Zollstrasse 16, FL - 9490 Vaduz: / Email:  Price CHF 103.50 / 157.00.
   Distance to convention hall: 4 km.

- Youth Hostel, Under Rüttigass 6, FL-9494 Schaan (discount possibly, if you mention Europlate)
   Distance to Convention Hall 1,7 km

For other accommodation I recommend you use any hotel-platform like

Motel with  self check in:

Camping place

Camping Mittagsspitz, Sägastrasse 29, FL - 9495 Triesen, distance to convention hall: 10 km.


The Convention is at SAL Saal am Lindaplatz, Landstrasse 19, 9494 Schaan, Liechtenstein, and is open on Saturday, 26th of March 2016 from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.
An underground park,Parkhaus Lindaplatz/SAL is below the hall. The entrance is on the Poststrasse (max. height 2.1 m, about 6,9 feet). The hall can be reached by using the lift/elevator
The car park is free on Saturday, but not at Friday.

Parking for cars over 2,1m high (about 6.9 Feet): Public parking,  Landstrasse 48, FL-9494 Schaan , north side of Gasthaus (Guesthouse) Rössle.

There is a delivery entrance for big loads via Schulgass (see photos).  After unloading you must  move your car  immediately away.
Photos below: click on the photo to enlarge.

Map: Map

G: Maps :

Entrance Parking:                                    


Delivery entrance for big loads via Schulgass (see photos).

Photos below: click on the photo to enlarge.

This  street is for delivery access only:                   Vorschau 

Here uphill and left :                                         Vorschau 

Here  is the delivery entrance:                                Vorschau 

     Delivery only allowed:                                   Vorschau

Delivery parking only for uploading:                        Vorschau

view from the delivery entrance:                             Vorschau

The Door on the left is the entrance for the exhibition hall:                         


            The hall itself:                                             Vorschau

Poststrasse: Way to the underground Parking:     Vorschau


International Airports:
D - Friedrichshafen (FDH) 85 km - 1h10min. from Schaan
CH - Zürich (ZRH)        145 km - 1h30min. 
A - Innsbruck (INN)        170 km - 2h10min
D - Stuttgart (STR)        250 km - 2h30min

From Zürich (or anywhere)  to CH - Buchs SG and there is a bus to Schaan.

By car

If you use the Swiss motorways, you have to buy a "Swiss motorway tax sticker" for CHF 40, details see:

For Austrian higways see:

Austria TOLL

WARNING : Don't bring permanent Swiss, Liechtenstein or Austrian plates with you! Swiss and Austrian  customs authorities may confiscate such ones! There is no  Customs Control  between Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The Swiss customs is in Liechtenstein at Austrian border. There are random examination.

Further remarks:

- Good Friday is in Switzerland a public holiday, but in Liechtenstein it's a normal workday.
- There will be a stand from a local bakery at Convention Hall
selling drinks and sandwiches.
- Our event will be published in the local newspaper, therefore our hall is open for public.

- The Hotel Linde in Schaan is closed.

- Don't go to the DMV at Liechtenstein for expired plates. They do not give anyone.

Contact the organizer Kurt for questions :

Facts on Liechtenstein: Facts

                                                                                                                               Souvenir Plates  are available from Liechtenstein

                                 1st possibility

You can choose letters:
Rear plate one line: 50x10cm for  55 CHF, max. 9 letters,
(no numerals)
Rear plate US-size: 30x16cm for  55 CHF, max. 8 letters
(no numerals)
Front small: 30x8cm with FL-flag for 45 CHF, max. 8 letters
(no numerals)

Fl Muster

2nd Possibility

It is also possible to purchase an official Liechtenstein 
car or mc sample-plate for 30 CHF each, one pair are 45 CHF

Fl Sample


Please order until  29 th  February 2016

Order at   Payable in cash at the convention or by bank transfer in Europe or PayPal (surcharge may apply)

Hope to see you all !

Kurt and  Hanspeter

Kurt Leuthold
Dorfmattenstr. 75
CH-3150 Schwarzenburg

For Souvenir Plates
Hanspeter Holdener
Badhausstr. 21
CH-2503 Biel